The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Vicente Blasco Ibáñez Charlotte Brewster Jordan

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

  • Title: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  • Author: Vicente Blasco Ibáñez Charlotte Brewster Jordan
  • ISBN: 9781587155253
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback

The novel, first published in 1916, tells a tangled tale of the French and German sons in law of an Argentinian land owner who find themselves fighting on opposite sides in the First World War.When Julio finally decided to fight, the world and his family knew him for a different man In the end the man who was once a spoiled son of privilege, became a man of honor and inteThe novel, first published in 1916, tells a tangled tale of the French and German sons in law of an Argentinian land owner who find themselves fighting on opposite sides in the First World War.When Julio finally decided to fight, the world and his family knew him for a different man In the end the man who was once a spoiled son of privilege, became a man of honor and integrity, noble soldier in the war to end all wars.

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The Four Horseman of the Apocalpyse has turned up on best books lists. I picked it up after reading and liking Edna Ferber's So Big, which won the 1925 Pulitzer Prize for best novel. The Four Horsemen took me a while to read due to its slow pace.I particularly recommend this book for history fans. It was first published a hundred years ago exactly, in 1916. Although the book is fiction, readers get eyewitness detail of World War I. It is also prescient about WWII. There is a strong sense of the [...]

Almanlar korkunç, Fransızlar muhteşem. Ölülerin bile milliyeti var. Fransızlar öldürürken bile kibar, şanlı, incelikli; Almanlar her koşulda kaba, barbar, vahşi. Üstelik anlatan bambaşka bir kıtadan! İnanılır gibi değil. Kendi milliyetini göklere çıkarsa faşist der geçerdim, şimdi mantıklı açıklama bulmakta bile zorlanıyorum.

Behind every book you read there is the tale of how you came to read it. In 1962, when I was a ten year old schoolboy, my father took my elder brother and I to see a film at our local cinema, called The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I was far too young to appreciate such a film at the time and I had no idea what the word Apocalypse meant. I remember only two scenes from the film. The first was of a family sat round a table, discussing something very seriously, all looking very troubled, the o [...]

This book wasn't what I expected as I didn't really know what it was about before starting it. Basically it is the history of a family. The father is french and goes to Argentina where he meets and marries and then raises a family. His sister in law marries a German, the respective men end up going back to their home country and then war breaks out.The horror of war is captured amazingly well without too much gruesome detail. The concern of parents for their children the men at the front, and th [...]

This is a very good book about the Desnoyers family and the French viewpoint of World War I. The action moved at a good pace. Although it is about the war and some graphic scene of the war are included, the book isn't entirely about the war. The Desnoyers family members are well developed and I became very concerned about their wellbeing, but their German relatives were painted mostly in the negative. Various political viewpoints are discussed, and they all make the reader strongly dislike the G [...]

An interesting book about WWI and the effect it had on soldiers and citizens alike. It reminded me of Suite Francaise. I have only just realised it was written in 1916 and that makes it a lot more impressive.

You may read online at HathiTrustAnother great book to proofread.

Cei patru calareti ai apocalipsei are un ritm lent la inceput si te face sa te indoiesti ca citesti o carte despre primul razboi mondial. In prima parte este descrisa viata batranului Desnoyers, care, apt si eligibil fiind pentru a se alatura razboiului din Europa, dezerteaza in America Latina unde cunoaste bogatia datorita unui fermier care prinde drag de el si caracterul sau muncitor si integru. Devine administratorul mosiei, ingrijitorul fermierului spre anii de batranete si ginerele sau. Cu [...]

Ibañez, I. Dünya Savaşı'nın yakın zaman öncesinden kesitlerle romanına başlangıç yapıyor ve yazarın Fransa cephesindeki kahramanlarının, Almanya-Fransa arasında uzun çarpışmalar sonucunda sürekli el değiştiren bir bölge olan Alsace-Lorraine'in iki ülke arasında yarattığı krizlere yaptıkları kalburüstü yorumlarla okuyucuyu I. Dünya Savaşı'na sürüklüyor. Daha sonra kahramanların (Desnoyers ailesi) bir kuşak öncesinden yola çıkarak, onları tanımamıza im [...]

This book reminds me of how beautifully written classics are. Written in 1916, it is a fictional, but chillingly realistic account of the horrors and futility of war. A family is divided by marriage. French and German cousins face each other and discover patriotism is more compulsive than family. Conflict in inevitable and enduring. A great book to tug the emotions.

No where near as good as All Quiet on the Western Front. Very interesting in places and an insight into life during the early years of the war but far to many long winded irrelevant monologues, especially in the first third of the book.

Gran historia y descripción de los horrores de la Guerra.Gracias a Santiago Posteguillo: La Sangre de los Libros.

"She was still smiling distantly at him, but that smile was more of a souvenir than a reality."Apparently quite a popular novel when it first came out (my copy is the 99th edition), The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse tells the story of Marcelo Desnoyers, a Frenchman who fled to Argentina to avoid the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. After getting rich in the cattle business, Marcelo returns to France with his wife and children while World War I looms on the horizon.Marcelo's son, Julio, is a spoile [...]

L'orrore prima dell'orroreLa grande forza de I quattro cavalieri dell'Apocalisse sta, a mio avviso, nel fatto di essere stato scritto in media res, in pochi mesi tra il 1915 e il 1916. La lettura del libro ci restituisce il clima, l'atmosfera delle settimane che precedettero lo scoppio del conflitto tra Germania e Francia, l'euforia nazionalista della mobilitazione generale, l'orrore dell'invasione tedesca, della battaglia della Marna, della guerra di trincea e dei milioni di morti che comportò [...]

My copy tells me that it is the 1918 edition, 64th printing, made in January of 1919, the 14th print run that month. The paper is rough and a bit brittle. Although technically not a wartime book, it certainly was subject to the shortages which abounded during the First World War.Oddly enough, Blasco Ibanez wrote it while the war was raging, first publishing in 1916. The Charlotte Brewster Jordan authorized translation first came out in July of 1918. By the middle of 1919, it was a gigantic bests [...]

Le pareció que resonaba a lo lejos el galope de los cuatro jinetes apocalípticos atropellando a los humanos. Vio al mocetón brutal y membrudo con la espada de la guerra, al arquero de sonrisa repugnante con las flechas de la peste, al avaro calvo con las balanzas del hambre, el cadáver galopante con la hoz de la muerte. Los reconoció como las únicas divinidades familiares y terribles que hacían sentir su presencia al hombre. Todo lo demás resultaba un ensueño. Los cuatro jinetes eran la [...]

Los cuatro Jinetes del Apocalipsis de Vicente Blasco Ibáñez. Es una obra que cuando se dan los movimientos de aquel periodo (Naturalismo y Realismo) pasa desapercibida inmerecidamente. Siempre nos acordamos de Blasco Ibáñez por otras obras como Cañas y Barro que tuvo repercusión mediática por la serie que se llevó a la TVE pero nadie lee hoy Los cuatro jinetes del Apocalipsis a pesar de haber sido un best-seller en Estados Unidos, vendiendo en su tiempo ¡MÁS DE 10 MILLONES DE EJEMPLARE [...]

El problema con esta obra (del año 1926) es que fue concebida bajo el espíritu que dominó a los aliados en la primera posguerra: Alemania es el único culpable de todos los horrores (detalladamente descriptos en el largo capítulo titulado "La invasión"). Todos los personajes germanos son alternativamente presentados como orgullosos, intolerantes, demonios, perversos, traicioneros, impiadosos, adjetivos todos con los que también se califica a su sanguinario emperador. Nada los detiene en su [...]

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse was the biggest selling novel in the world between the WWI and WWII. Unquestionably it was at least somewhat oversold. Today is largely forgotten and is most certainly being undersold.The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse addresses the big question on the minds of everyone between the wars: why would so many people gladly die in what was clearly a senseless war. The answer of Blasco Ibanez was the same as that of Marcel Proust in Le temps retrouve. Blasco Ibanez [...]

El primer libro que leí de Blasco Ibañez fue La Barraca y me pareció brillante. Este es muy distinto a ese: me parece otro autor. Pero eso no significa que no sea una gran novela. Para nada. Es una gran novela, llena de descripciones -con ese sesgo de realismo-naturalismo que cargaba el autor- de la Primera Guerra. Eso me gustó, porque la Primer Guerra Mundial cambió para siempre la historia de las guerras; hay un antes y un después claramente: las trincheras, los aviones, los tanques, cam [...]

This is a huge allegory for the First World War -- a Frenchman leaves his home country to go to Argentina where he makes a fortune and marries off two daughters -- one to a German and one to a Frenchman. They return to France and war breaks out. The entire book seems to be about how the old country ensnares people in their old stereotypes and prejudices as well as a diatribe against the Germans. There are important twists and turns to the story and it is clear that it was written so closely to W [...]

Un gran relato sobre la Primera Guerra Mundial, desde cómo se va gestando hasta el desarrollo. Muy original los monólogos interiores de Julio y don Marcelo, especialmente los del primero, en los que entran en conflicto su amada y el marido de ésta cuando regresa malherido del conflicto. Fue de los momentos más interesantes de esta gran novela: los conflictos morales de Julio y también los de don Marcelo. Puede observarse las desgracias de las dos familias, cada una con intereses en un bando [...]

Encontré este título de casualidad mientras revisaba en la selección de libros de dominio público, es decir, libros clásicos que están disponibles legalmente de manera gratuita. Lo bajé por curiosidad y creo que fue una buena decisión.La obra cuenta los orígenes de una familia, sus relaciones, sus preocupaciones, sus aspiraciones a lo largo del tiempo. Cada uno de los personajes está descripto con gran habilidad y una muy buena atención a los detalles. El relato de la familia se arti [...]

Lepo ispričano. Nije depresivno kao ovaj pasus koji sam stavio, samo realno. Rat k'o rat"Nema pravde, svet je proizvod slučajnosti; sve je laž, sve su drugo samo reči utehe da bi ljudsko biće podnosilo nedaće života, da se ne prestraši kad shvati koliko je bespomoćno.Učinilo mu se da u daljini čuje bat galopa četiri jahača apokalipse, koji gaze ljudska bića. Ugledao je snažno i odvažno biće sa isukanim mačem, strelca nakaznog osmeha, sa strelama kuge, ćelavu škrticu sa vagom [...]

The latest in my celebration of the centennial of WWI reading series. I'm impressed by Ibáñez's work. His storytelling and use of dramatic irony is entertaining.The Four Horsemen tells the story of Don Marcelo Desnoyers and his son, Julio, and the Desnoyers family. The senior Desnoyers fled France during the Franco-Prussian war and made his fortune in Argentina. He later returns to Paris with his family and we see the advent of the First World War from their perspective.Written in 1916, it is [...]

It’s Kahn’s fault that I read this book, but I’m glad I did. Vicente Blasco Ibáñez’ The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse isn’t the easiest read. And the translation by Charlotte Brewster Jordan didn’t help. (I’ve learned that translation around the turn of the twentieth century was heavily into the literal, word for word translation–not always the best thing.) Originally written in 1916, during World War I, Blasco Ibáñez’ novel is the kind of cathartic book that that war gen [...]

Great read. It's a miracle we are all still here really. Makes you realise that there needs to be a dominant power in the world to maintain peace, because of the perpetual struggle for power and control that seems instinctive in, what is still essentially, the tribal human. I sometimes see everyone speaking English and imagine a disollution of culture is happening, and that this is a bad thing, a loss of culture, but this may be our saving grace. Very interesting discourse on what makes 'civilis [...]

Una novela digna de sus tiempos. No pensaba que Blasco Ibáñez fuese capaz de sorprenderme de esta manera. Relata la historia de una familia que se ve inmersa en la primera guerra mundial. Si bien el libro, como él mismo explica, peca un poco de afrancesado y demasiado subjetivo, no es razón para que desmerezca en absoluto. Una brillantez que acerca los personajes, muy trabajados, al lector mostrando su evolución a lo largo del conflicto. Recomendable y además digno de admiración. Un traba [...]

Es la historia de la vida de Marcelo Desnoyer, quien bajo lamentables circunstancias deja su tierra natal a causa de la guerra, viajando al nuevo mundo donde tiene su familia y prospera allí. Luego retorna a su París querido y enfrenta las vicisitudes de una nueva guerra (La primera guerra mundial). Muestra la lucha de ideales a pesar de la relación sanguínea y establece que la guerra, al igual que las otras manifestaciones de lo s4 jinetes del apocalipsis, se volverá a repetir.Por momentos [...]

No me gustan lo libros sobre guerras pero este es buen recuento de la primera guerra mundial. El libro ofrece variedad: tiene capítulos en los que cuenta la historia de la familia, capítulos en plan discurso filosófico y otros que describen la acción en la zona de batalla. Blasco Ibañez vivió en París durante el comienzo de la guerra, por lo que su recuento es increiblemente realista. Está escrito desde la perspectiva de los aliados así que si el lector por casualidad le tiene manía a [...]

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