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  • Title: Damage
  • Author: Josephine Hart
  • ISBN: 9781453200087
  • Page: 301
  • Format: ebook

Damage is the gripping story of a man s desperate obsession and scandalous love affair He is a man who appears to have everything wealth, a beautiful wife and children, and a prestigious political career in Parliament But his life lacks passion, and his aching emptiness drives him to an all consuming, and ultimately catastrophic, relationship with his son s fianc e.ChilDamage is the gripping story of a man s desperate obsession and scandalous love affair He is a man who appears to have everything wealth, a beautiful wife and children, and a prestigious political career in Parliament But his life lacks passion, and his aching emptiness drives him to an all consuming, and ultimately catastrophic, relationship with his son s fianc e.Chilling and brilliant, Damage is a masterpiece a daring look at the dangers of obsession and the depth of its shattering consequences.

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Excerpt: "And round every meeting with her spun a ribbon of certainty that my life had already ended. It had ended in the split second of my first sight of her.It was time out of life. Like an acid it ran through all the years behind me, burning and destroying."I ate this book for lunch. Delicious.

Oh good gravy. Let's start with the facts. Fact: This book is VERY well written.Fact: It is also VERY short, which allowed for me to read it in its entirety in under 3 hours. Fact: Symbolism runs rampant, which I love. Fact: Damage is an excellent title and describes perfectly what happens when obsession overrides sanity. Or, in the eyes of our MC, what happens when one finally finds "passion." (passion= being a man whore pyscho.but whatever. Also, this fact is turning into an opinion.)Opinion: [...]

***5 " MESMERIZINGLY DAMAGED" STARS***"There is an internal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for the outlines all of our lives" This is the story of a man, whom appears to have the dream life wealth, intelligence, power, successful marriage, prestige. So why does he spend countless hours wondering.Why he is so unhappy? How someone that appears to have it all, can feel so empty? When did he lose control of his life? And most i mportantly, why does he feel dead inside? "In my life, I [...]

Già. Quello che ho subito io chi me lo risarcisce?Questa non è una historia de amor, de locura y de muerte bensì una presa per i fondelli.Non c'è verosimiglianza, non c'è profondità, non c'è erotismo, assenti i sentimenti.La distanza da un pornazzo è minima.Suspence, questa sconosciuta: si scopre tutto subito. Binomio scopereccio inserito fra parentesi tonde all'interno di una espressione assai complessa. Lei è la schiava: rivoltata, ripassata e ricomposta come e meglio della cicorietta [...]

"C'è un paesaggio interiore, una geografia dell'anima; ne cerchiamo gli elementi per tutta la vita"Bello nonostante la vaga sensazione di incompiutezza che lascia – e ben più complesso e coinvolgente della sua riduttiva e un po’ banale trasposizione cinematografica – il romanzo è pervaso in ogni pagina da un senso di angosciosa ineluttabilità, in un climax di tensione ed emozioni, che prepara e prelude alla tragedia finale. La passione divorante che irrompe - non cercata, eppure incons [...]

I absolutely loved the opening line of this novel. "There is an internal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outlines all our lives." It goes on to say "Those who are lucky enough to find it ease like water over a stone, onto its fluid contours and are home An efficient dissembler, I gently and silently smoothed the rough edges of my being. I hid the awkwardness and pain with which I inclined toward my chosen outline, and tried to be what those I loved expected me to be."Truly [...]

I felt like I was engaged in a long, drawn-out battle of fisticuffs with this novel; with my opponent being an otherwise placid Englishman lecturing me properly on the sporting necessity of the Marquess of Queensberry rules as he jabbed me almost apologetically with knuckles pointed upward and outward and cloaked in dainty boxing gloves; his endurance greater than mine as he slowly but surely battered my face to a pulp in patient, cumulative, and ultimately devastating fashion.The novel is popul [...]

DAMAGE, a novella by Josephine Hart is a chilling tale of obsession and of the unintended consequences of ungovernable love. Now made into a movie starring Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche, and directed by the late Louis Malle, I have to say that reading the novella didn’t add anything to the experience of seeing the movie. Which is unusual.Perhaps it is because Louis Malle was such a great director. Or maybe it is because this tale is so chilling that it needed little enhancement. What is in [...]

A pagina 39 volevo quasi abbandonarlo mi faceva arrabbiare la scarsa credibilità di un rapporto, vada per il morboso, ma confezionato però sul vuoto pneumatico, poi si è reso più credibile quando ho ravvisato in esso un tentativo, credo vagamente incestuoso, da parte del padre di comprendere / dominare il figlio attraverso il possesso della di lui futura moglie.Da qui in poi il libro ha preso una piega nera, nerissima che mi ha trascinato nel suo gorgo soffocante e in un pomeriggio l‘ho te [...]

Bullshit. Absorbing enough as a read, but utter bullshit. The whole 'undermining respectable middle class life' is so cliche. Goodness. 'One hasn't lived life by following some social template'. This has been done to death and this book is one of the more pathetic attempts to get that idea across. I found the prose corny. Apparently I was supposed to get all excited over the 'poetic' parts of this book but -- I'm sorry -- I've read MUCH better writers. Josephine Hart is a hack. She's not just a [...]

3.5 stars - It was really good.Tales of ecstasy are endless tales of failure. For always comes separation.What an incredibly twisted, disturbing novel that was anything but enjoyable to read. Yet, I was fully engaged and even found it to be compelling in the back ½. The author certainly has a beautiful way with words and I would like to read something else by her that doesn’t have despicable main characters.-------------------------------------------Favorite Quote: Those who are lucky should [...]

Damage is a tale of desperate erotic obsession, and its inevitable path to destruction.The narrative, told by the male protagonist, eminently respectable, and respected, cabinet minister Fleming, is clinical in its formality, in keeping with his social position. His life revolves around public service, and the care of his family and, at the heart of this seeming ‘order’ he is deeply unhappy. This very formality, with its lack of true passion, has suffocated him, so that we have some understa [...]

Una trama all’apparenza semplice, un uomo di mezza eta’ con una famiglia perfetta, un lavoro perfetto, una posizione pubblica perfetta, insomma una vita perfetta e come tutte le cose troppo perfette destinata a crollare al primo soffio di vento; in realta’ e’ chiaro da subito che il protagonista vive incastrato consapevolmente nell’apparenza di una vita tranquilla, e infatti in quell’istante che puo' capitare a chiunque in cui deve decidere se restare nel suo piccolo angolo di mondo [...]

A powerful, scaldingly erotic, shattering read about obsession and sexual doom. (And, yes--- Jeremy Irons was perfect as the hero in the film) "Damage" is quiet, chill, deeply disturbing and alluring in its austere prose--- a gripping tale of amour fou and a Dark Lady who's all the more frightening in her self-knowledge and gentleness. Very much a favourite.

“Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.”By the time the narrator of this story is fifty he has lived his life almost as if by accident. An unexceptional childhood followed by an impassionate marriage and successful but unfulfilling careers, first as a G.P and subsequently as an upstanding but unremarkable Member of Parliament. A life lived without strong emotions of any kind. A life which, had it ended in the narrator’s fiftieth year, would have been widely respected and [...]

On the surface, Damage is about a middle-aged man who has an affair with a younger woman. Pretty standard dramatic fare, right? But wait--there's more. The younger woman in question happens to be his son's fiancée, and the man in question happens to be a member of Parliament. There is much more at work here than mere lust, or even mere love. No, it is sexual obsession that dominates this story, an obsession so pervasive that it propels the narrator to unspeakable lows. It propels the narrative [...]

I found this book when I was still in high school. It was a bad time for me. At the time I was upset and confused. Mostly, I was angry at males and the patriarchal society. I didn't know how to relate as a trained under duress strong female who had suppressed submissive tendencies.I also thought there was something wrong with me. The title of this book caught my attention. Damage. How true. I read this book and I was horrified at how a seemingly perfect life could go terribly wrong. I could unde [...]

This little book Is pretty twisted and I liked it. I can't say much with out bringing down the house of cards. I live the minimalist writing style because it fit the story so well. If you think your family is dysfunctional you'll feel much better after this book. It's just messed up and you should read it!

This was a rather short book and I am quite grateful for that because the plot gets more and more twisted as it progresses. A very unusual story about obsession and erotica but very very beautifully written.

I bought this book in a library sale for 10p as a mistake, the blurb on the edition I have led me to believe this was a book about damaged people and "psychological darkness". Instead I ended up reading the most unbelievable, cliché characters, predictable basic storyline from the start and a whole lot of crap about sex and incest. What an appalling read and a complete waste of my time. The writing is in a constant "i-am-trying-to-create-suspense-and-mystery" style which fails completely.-spoil [...]

Reading this book is like watching a train wreck. You know from the beginning that it's all going to end badly, the author even tells you so. She tells the story of a man's obsession with a woman in the first person. I didn't feel her "male voice" was a very true. I'd be interested to hear what male readers think of the protagonist's thoughts and actions. I give it 4 stars for compulsive readability rather than craftI couldn't put it down.

Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.4,5 stjerner

A married, middle-aged MP becomes obsessed with his son’s girlfriend – a fixation that turns his life and that of his family upside down.I’ve been meaning to read this novel for a long time, probably since I saw the film version in the mid-1990s, but had somehow never got round to it. Having read it, I’m sorry I waited so long for such an intense and physical experience. I don’t now remember much about the film which is a blessing as I wouldn’t have wanted it to interfere with the ex [...]

I like to think of myself as a generally good person, but in doing so I also contemplate the speculative limits to my goodness. Where do I fall off the edge? The honest answer probably involves a blinding temptation and a mental perception that I'll get away with the crime, be it based in greed or passion. I like to think that such 'opportunities' are a rarity in life. After all, there is no greater threat to temptation and perceptions than that of rational thought. And yet, those elements must [...]

**Spoilers**This book was GREAT, in a dark, crazy, obsessive way. It's love as obsession and truth. It's love as longing and breath. It's deceitfulness in the name of obsessive love. The narrator tells the story as if it is HIS story to tell and he is honest in his evaluation of his own mental imperfections and his descent into pain and near insanity. What he is NOT honest about is the part his deceitful companion, Anna, plays in her dark, damaged way. Although, she DOES WARN HIM in the beginnin [...]

Ho letto il libro, che è peraltro piuttosto breve, perché mi è capitato di vederne il non recente film dallo stesso titolo diretto da Louis Malle e che, pur essendomi piaciuto in linea generale, non mi aveva convinto. La domanda principale che mi ponevo era chi è davvero questa inquietante Anna, che travolge la vita di tutti, protagonisti e comprimari, finendo per rivoltarli come guanti? Pensavo che il romanzo mi avrebbe dato tracce e indizi più concreti di lei, motivazioni più credibili, [...]

I have in the past read mixed reviews of Josephine Hart's debut thriller of erotic obsession, but finally decided to pick up a copy of "Damage" due to my plan this year to focus on female authors, together with my having enjoyed the film adaptation. Whilst the book is in as places as melodramatic and overwrought as the film, it proved a pleasant surprise: consistently entertaining, convincingly conveying sexual obsession without the need for too much explicit sex, and in places extremely insight [...]

This book tries to shock you with such trite stuff that you feel sorry for it. It is supposedly poetic, but it is poetic only in the way for the people who do not have a good sense of poetry (like some pop songs might be appealing for tone-deaf people). It is a bondage/ fantasy book, which cannot accept this fact and it tries to act like something more literary.It was laying there in the collection of my mom's summer books. I did not have any books to read with me and not knowing any of the auth [...]

This is one of those backs where I think you are suppose to dislike the two main characters. I mean, honestly, look at the title. It is powerful because it deals with different types of damage - in people and by people. The writing was very gripping and kept the reader's attention. But I'm not sure if I would re-read it.

A rapier of a read. Cool clear devastating. Amazing how such a slim novel can convey so much passion. Jeremy Irons played the protagonist in the firm and was cast exactly right. Damage attracts damage .

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