For I Have Sinned

Darynda Jones

For I Have Sinned

For I Have Sinned

  • Title: For I Have Sinned
  • Author: Darynda Jones
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  • Page: 351
  • Format: ebook

Darynda Jones revisits the sexy, suspenseful world of supernatural shenanigans she created in her Grave series with For I Have Sinned In this Charley Davidson story, Charley helps a woman find out how she died and gives her the closure she needs to pass through to the other side.

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A quick and an entertaining readFor I have Sinned is a short novella about a woman who had died. The woman has no memory of her past and Charley Davidson aka the Grim Reaper helps the woman find out about her death. It was a little bit touching to read about the woman's death. This novella also helps us view Charley from a deceased person's point of view which I found very interesting. Charley is the same as ever; beautiful, kind and cocky. And of course, she's glowing. Mr. Enigma aka Reyes popp [...]

I think it's cruel and unfair that this author is so damn talented:)) Seriously, Darynda can do no wrong!

It was interesting to read this from a dead person's point of view. Short, sweet and touching!

It was really interesting getting to view Charley's world through the eyes of a ghost. We get to see how she sees Charley and feels about her, how Charley's house appears and we even get another opinion of Reyes. Seeing how Charley operated through another person's viewpoint was wonderful and even though it's a shortd sad story, I enjoyed how it ended. I loved that Reyes was in the story especially with how things ended in the first book. I can't wait to read more about him!

A short read in which I loved every minute! I am so glad I picked these books up mid-series; the wait to read the next book would've been torturous! I loved how the story was told in the ghost's POV, trying to figure out who she was and why she died. And of course, we have Charley and Reyes bantering throughout. Oh, and I forgot about Mr. Wong. LOL. It was short, but so worth the read.

An okay short story where you get to see Charley (and Reyes) through a dead woman's eyes.

Un relato breve que nos sirve como curiosidad para saber cómo se ven las cosas desde el otro lado, especialmente cómo se ve a Charley y a Reyes

I have had this on my kindle for years and I could never get into it, but this time I made sure I actually read it instead of just progressing through the rest of the series. The only thing that made me not give this book 5 stars was because I wasn't really a fan of it being in Jo's POV, I prefer Charlies' and I would have liked to have read it in Reyes or Cookies to be honest.

Darynda Jones put out this free little novella to share with her fans on the Heroes & Heartbreakers website. It gives us the story of a recently deceased woman who is drawn to Charley. Unlike the novels, which are told by Charley in the first person, the novella is told from the perspective of the ghost. I liked this, because it gives us an outside perspective on Charley, herself.There's not a lot going on here, but there is a little bit of Reyes in the story and a peek inside Charley's psyc [...]

I have very mixed feelings about this story. It was undeniably touching, yet put forward a point of view that bothers me. (view spoiler)[Women are already expected to sacrifice themselves for their children too damn much, IMO. (hide spoiler)] It was interesting to see Charley's "grim reaper" job from the other side, though.This has spoilers for First Grave on the Right, and probably won't be very interesting if you haven't read that anyway.

A short and sweet little addition to the series. To get a look at Charley from the POV of one of „her“ ghosts was a great idea.

Very short story from the perspective of a ghost very great perspective on how the ghosts see our crazy Charley.Also, very nice peak into Reyes's powers that are beyond kicking ass and protecting his 'light'.

This is a short story that fits between book 1 and 2. Being OCD I had to read these books in sequence, so I gave in and bought this one for my kindle. Less than $1. Bargain.or so I thought.There is nothing to this short story. I think I finished it in 20 minutes and that was with distractions. I knew it was a short story going into it, but I didn't realise it was a SHORT story. It is a bit misleading as you are clicking away on your kindle so you get the impression the story is actually long, bu [...]

Ay, ¿va a ser todo así? ¿con ese aire de lectura ligera que termina tocándote la fibra y rompiéndote un poco el corazón? Me ha encantado leer el POV de alguien que ve a Charlie como nosotros no podemos, te da una nueva perspectiva sobre su carácter muy importante. Es algo que intuyes leyendo algunas cosas del primer libro pero creo que necesitaba más tiempo para llegar a ellas por mi misma. Después de esta novela corta adoro un poco más a Charlie no solo por todo lo que hace por los de [...]

A woman appears in Charley's apartment very early in the morning with a nightgown and bunny slippers and of course she is dead because Charley is The Grim Reaper. She does not know who she is or how she has died but she thinks she may have been pregnant! Charley none to happy she is woken up in the middle of the night, gets over it pretty quickly and jumps out of bed because hey that's the life of The Grim Reaper. She sets out to track down who the mystery woman is and what has happened to her a [...]

A funny little dip into Charley Davidson world but one not necessary for the overall plot of the books. Still I like to read series in chronological order when possible so I read this one before starting Second Grave on the Left. I liked the fact that we get to see the dead's perspective on Charley. Her readiness to help every soul that comes to her is endearing and I particularly enjoyed the way she brushed Reyes off to help this ghost girl with no memory of what has transpired. The story went [...]

When I got this on my reader I saw it was 68 pages so I thought ok a good little novella but no, it actually only has about 30 pages with excerpt of the other 3 books in the series. So it's an uber quick read. We go through the other side, well not THE other side… of the fence being in Jo Anne's point of view. A recently deceased young woman who's found her way to Charley and trying to figure out just why and how she died. It was interesting to see the ghost and passing over experience and wha [...]

OH MY GOODNESS!!!I actually cried at this novel - what a fantastic short story from an outside point of view We see Charley here as her true self and what she does for the person that needs her help a wonderful heart wrenching story - beautiful!!!

Charley je portál, které odvede duše na jiné místo. Na místo, kde je už nebude trápit nic pozemského. Už s tím má roky zkušeností a ví, jak nejlépe zmateným duším pomoci.A udělá to i tentokrát. Nezáleží na tom, že ji duch mladé ženy probudí ve tři ráno a neví, jak se jmenuje, kdy zemřela, ani jak se tam vlastně vzala…Na tuhle novelku jsem byla zvědavá od chvíle, kdy jsem zjistila, že něco takového Darynda vůbec napsala. Ani jsem pořádně nevěděla, o [...]

After finishing up First Grave on the Right I knew that this series had me. Normally I don't care about shorts and only follow them for a few series. I hadn't planned on doing shorts for the Charley Davidson books, but after book one I knew I was a goner. I will now read anything that has anything to do with Charley.So I hunted down a copy, and the rest of the series to date, and sat down to read this short. Which surprised me as it was told by a ghost that had found her way to Charley's light. [...]

For I Have Sinned is a short story following First Grave on the Right (book 1 from Charley Davidson Series). Charley is a private investigator but being a PI is just a disguise. She is really a Soul Reaper who helps lost souls “go to the light”. No, really, Charley shines like a beacon to call the lost souls to her.The books in this series are told as a first person POV by Charley herself, but not in this novella. This story is told by a lost soul seeking Charley’s help. Also as a first pe [...]

First line: “Falling. I remember falling.”Well, damn, this short story, told from the first person perspective of a newly created ghost, was better for me than the first book. And re-sparked my desire to continue the series. It was good to see Charley from the eyes of a ghost, with all of her awesome traits and her peculiarities. And the ghost's story was touching, sad, and nicely done. Recommended short, but not a stand alone.

Aaww, esta novellita de Charley Davidson ha sido cortita pero llena de sentimientos. Leerla ahora, cuando se supone que iba detrás del primer libro, y sabiendo todo lo que sé tras haber leído todos los libros publicados, ha sido revelador por algunas cositas que se dicen al final y que me han emocionado. Además, que fuera desde el pov de una muerta ha sido un acierto porque también nos ha permitido ver a Charley a través de los ojos de las 'personas' a las que ayuda.Ahora a esperar a la no [...]

I'm giving this 5 stars because I can't give it 4.5 and I don't think it deserves just 4.Darynda is an exceptional writer. I have to say that since this was written from the ghost's pov - which was a nice change of pace - I missed Charley's comical inner thoughts. It was nice to see Charley's antics through someone else's eyes, like her trying to sneak up on a security camera and looking like a total dork in the process.Very short story, but the added bonus of the first chapter for the next two [...]

4 starsThis was a very good short story. It was interesting to see Charley from a ghost's PoV. In this story, a woman who's recently died finds herself in Charley's apartment. She can't remember who she is or how she died so Charley helps her. I had a hard time figuring out when exactly this story took place. Based on the conversations between Reyes and Charley I almost want to say that it takes place partway through book #3 (not after) but I could be wrong. This was a very good short addition t [...]

This is a short story told from the perspective of a ghost seeking Charlie's help. The story has the same humor and a itty little bit of the hot, steamy Reyes, but it is lacking the depth of investigation found in the other novels. Cookie, uncle, and the rest of the family are absent from this tale. The story is a nice short read and I enjoyed hearing from the ghost's perspective. I found it to be worth a couple of dollars, but I am addicted to the series and Reyes.

Bu kısa öyküde olaylar ölü bir kadının ağzından anlatılıyor, nasıl öldüğünü bilmiyor ve Charley'nin odasında buluyor bir anda kendini. Charley ona nasıl ve nerede öldüğü konusunda yardım ediyor. Ve asıl olay Reyes'i görüyoruz kitapta, gayet haşır neşir Charley ile. Demek ki ikincide bol bol göreceğiz onu.

This didn't really have anything important to do with the series it was just a day in the life of Charley as told through the perspective of a ghost she is trying to help. There are a few quick interactions between Charley and Reyes and some funny banter as always.Quick witted and snappy Charley always cracks me up but it was over far to soon.

Charley continues to grow on me and I'd like a Reyes of my very own! I appreciated the choice of POV. Seeing our heroine through the eyes of the ghost she's helping allowed for a clearer idea of what Charley is really like. A great story that has me eager for the next installment.

this is a short story that goes with the Charley Davidson books. It was interesting to see it from the dead's point of view. But I missed the sarcasm that draws me into the other books. still a good read.

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