To Open The Sky

Robert Silverberg

To Open The Sky

To Open The Sky

  • Title: To Open The Sky
  • Author: Robert Silverberg
  • ISBN: 9780425038109
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback

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It was a time of Decision.The bureaucrats of Earth, the stark pioneers of terraformed Mars, and the proud gill altered rulers of Venus were torn between two techno religions one offering the certainty of eternal life and the other, a far flung destiny among the stars.

Recent Comments "To Open The Sky"

It shouldn't come as too great a surprise that future Grand Master Robert Silverberg dedicated 1967's "To Open the Sky" to writer/editor Frederik Pohl. It was Pohl, after all, who induced Silverberg to begin writing sci-fi again on a full-time basis, after the author's "retirement" from the field in 1959. As then-editor of "Galaxy" magazine, Pohl (who helmed the publication from 1961 - '69) promised Silverberg a greater freedom in his writing, with fewer of the literary shackles that had restrai [...]

Although this book doesn't transcend its era in its treatment of non-white and female characters, it's also not bogged down by it (in that they're mostly absent rather than mostly ridiculous), and it constantly surprised me with incisive observations of people-at-large. I'm a sucker for religious sci-fi, and as invented religions go, this is one I could imagine signing on to.

Can human beings live forever?Of course, we all know the answer to that question. One death per person. However, science fiction has tackled the immortality theme throughout its history as a genre and Robert Silverberg addresses it in several of his books during his most prolific period of 1967-1976.To Open The Sky presents a scenario where Earth’s survival is hanging on by a thread. The planet is overpopulated and needs a miracle to continue surviving. Noel Vorst, leader of a religious scienc [...]

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5 stars from Sandy: fantasyliterature/revi

Three part science fiction novel about the evolution of a religion, and the way science with ritual can become a religion capable of producing real miracles.

Outstanding now as it was when I was young This is a timeless book. It covers a broad range of time and really calls into question the nature of humanity and religion.

This is one of my favorite books of all time, regardless of genre.The book is of course replete with classic mid-1960s SF tropes. Colonists terraform Mars to make it habitable, and colonists are surgically altered to survive the rigors of Venus. The colonies have a contentious relationship with Earth, where society has largely forgotten what hard work is all about. (In fact, a trait Kirby and Mondschein initially share is their avoidance of actual work, although their avoidance tactics are nothi [...]

1967; the edition I have is 1970. That’s the year I must have read this book about 15 times, in bits and pieces. One of Silverberg’s early serious novels. Dated, but with strange pseudo-scientific cults and sleeper agents, it seems a bit prescient. More so, even, for the insight that as the pace of social change accelerates, people will seek comfort and stability in religion. Those table-top reactors must have seemed right around the corner. But certainly by 1967 the author should have known [...]

Silverberg è uno dei pilastri della fantascienza sociologica, e questo Violare il cielo (la traduzione del titolo è pessima come nella più pura tradizione Urania dei tempi d'oro) rientra perfettamente nel quadro. La veste tecnologica tipica della fantascienza serve solo da paravento a una classica enunciazione dei desiderata dell'uomo moderno: la vita e la salute eterni, l'esplorazione del cosmo e la risoluzione dei problemi esistenziali. Forse c'è un po' di faciloneria nel presupporre che u [...]

Religions and psi. The plot sounds rather crazy, but it is not quite as bad. But this is certainly not one of the author's best works.

Great religion-centered sci-fi. I think's been a while

This is classic Sci-Fi at it's best. Silverberg ranks up there with Clarke, Asimov and the rest. If you want a scifi story with spaceships in the older style then try it.

1984 grade C+

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