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  • Title: Leverage
  • Author: Joshua C. Cohen Kirby Heyborne Paul Michael Garcia
  • ISBN: 9781441775344
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Audiobook

The football field is a battlefieldThere s an extraordinary price for victory at Oregrove High It is paid on and off the football field And it claims its victims without mercy including the most innocent bystanders When a violent, steroid infused, ever escalating prank war has devastating consequences, an unlikely friendship between a talented but emotionally damaThe football field is a battlefieldThere s an extraordinary price for victory at Oregrove High It is paid on and off the football field And it claims its victims without mercy including the most innocent bystanders When a violent, steroid infused, ever escalating prank war has devastating consequences, an unlikely friendship between a talented but emotionally damaged fullback and a promising gymnast might hold the key to a school s salvation.Told in alternating voices and with unapologetic truth, Leverage illuminates the fierce loyalty, flawed justice, and hard won optimism of two young athletes.

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Before beginning, I just want to apologize to anyone who reads this review. It won't really help you decide whether to read this book or not. Despite the fact that I've taken a fair amount of time to collect my thoughts and calm down, my head is still laden with what I've read and I'm unable to express my feelings in the way I'd normally have it. This review is somewhat vague and most of it probably won't mean anything unless you've read this book. So for that, I apologize.Going in, I'm not sure [...]

This semester I'm taking a physics course and the whole idea of leverage is a cool concept. Oddly enough it makes me see the whole story in a different way. How something on its own may not have the power, but you just add some leverage and man do you see the impact. That great concept is the perfect title for this story. The story is told by two boys who go to the same high school. Danny is a small kid but works his butt off on being an excellent gymnast. Kurtis is a massive guy that stutters, [...]

Leverage. We all search for it at work, home, and life whether we realize it or not. And we all possess leverage whether we realize it or not. It is how we choose to use that power, influence, and leverage that matters. How we act, respond, and move through life that counts. Leverage by Joshua Cohen is told in two heartbreaking voices—Kurt Brodsky and Danny Meehan. Two young, strong athletes trying to carve out a spot in high school and the future with football and gymnastics. With patience an [...]

WOW, WOW, and triple WOW! This is the most intense and powerful book I have ever read, and I have read A LOT. When I heard it was a male version of Speak I thought I'd give it a read, especially since I'm writing something with a similar topic (although a very different story). But, this is so much more than just relating it as a male version. The tension in this book was rippling with more than steroid bound muscles. The build up to the horrible life changing event in the gym was perfectly pace [...]

It is hard to know where to exactly begin Joshua C. Cohen's debut novel is anything and everything BUT disappointing. I honestly cannot come up with a negative thing to say about this amazing, outstanding, one of kind, unique novel. There is so much to say about this book that I am going to have to break it down into parts.To start, a basic overviewKurt is the new football star at Oregrove High School. Danny is on the Oregrove gymnastics team. Both boys have a past, full of sorrow and pain. An u [...]

Review originally posted at Y.A. LoveJoshua C. Cohen is an author to watch! Leverage is an edgy, emotional, gripping debut. It will appeal to those who enjoy sports, but it’s about more than sports. It’s about loyalty, courage, and standing up for what’s right, even when the odds are against you.Kelly at Stacked has been telling me to read this for months, but I can’t say why I put it off for so long. I’m actually made at myself for waiting so long to read Leverage. When I told my stud [...]

Fantastic! I am so excited to discover such a fine book so early in the book "season"! Thanks to Penguin/Dutton for sending it to me! "Leverage," by first-time novelist Joshua C. Cohen, is as hard-hitting as they come, but very timely. The book tackles the important issues of bullying, sports, hazing, steroid use, the predominance of high school football over almost all other sports, child abuse, coping, loyalty, doing the right thing, etc. Some might think Cohen tries to tackle too much , but h [...]

THE REVIEW - Visit wordcontessafor more reviews.One of the biggest misconceptions of anabolic steroid usage is that it is solely used by athletes as a performance enhancing drug.But in fact, half of the users of steroids aren't even athletes. These “mirror athletes” use steroids in order to achieve an “ideal” body. This practice roots from prevalent adolescent body image issues that are often perpetuated by misguided internalized messages in pop culture. Often, boys are obsessed with bul [...]

Since I am not into sports very much, what drew me to this book were the words in the summary - "emotionally damaged fullback." I wasn't sure if the focus on sports would put me off or not. I'm so glad that I took a chance and read a book that was out of my standard comfort zone because this is one of my favorite books of 2011 so far. What sets it apart is its intensity. Everything in this book is intense. Intense emotions. Intense violence. Intense character development. Intense backstory. Inte [...]

2011 is going to be such a great year for books. I went to the ALA meeting last week and just the sight of this cover reached out and grabbed me. The book did not disappoint, although based on the backcover blurb part of me expected some kind of romance between a football player and a gymnast. God was I wrong, but in a good way. Gut-wrenching drama aptly describes this coming-of-age story about two young men, opposites in so many ways except for their need to uncover the courage inside themselve [...]

A few things here I'd like to mention. First, a trigger warning: rape. I realize this may be a pretty big spoiler, but since it is the cause of most of my reactions, I'm throwing it out there right away, and it's my review space anyway so shut up.Rape is the kind of thing I have the hardest time reading about. To me it seems even more invasive than murder. It's breaking someone down until they're completely broken. I don't like it. With that being said, I know it is (sadly) an extremely common o [...]

LEVERAGE, by Joshua C. Cohen is not my usual kind of read but in the end it left me inspired and wanting to make a difference. Cohen brought the very real problems of bullying to life almost flawlessly. When I started this book, I wanted the prank wars that little synopsis promised to begin right away, and I was shocked at the kind of pranks that these high school characters created, they didn't seem real but Cohen's writing sucked you into a story that that gives you so many mixed emotions. Thi [...]

When a feud over weight training room privileges escalates between the gymnastics team and the football team at the high school, a question of morality, ethics, and doing the right thing becomes all encompassing for members of these teams. Danny, a promising gymnast and Kurt, a gifted football player who has seen way too much in his young life, create a bond that gives them the strength to stand up to murderous, lying bullies. Danny and his teammate, Bruce are witness to a brutal attack on one o [...]

Absolutely powerful. I haven't cried this much or felt so sick to my stomach since Some Girls Are (which is an excellent readalike). However, the end really bummed me out, which is why this isn't a 5-star. It felt way too cliche, too obvious. Because this kind of stuff doesn't stop. Full review here: stackedbooks/2011

Cover Gushing Worthiness: have to admit that I prefer the hardcover version over the paperback version which looks like this .For me the hardcover captures the essence of the book perfectly. As you read the book the symbol of the arm with veins protruding becomes much more clearer.Review: I'm on a roll with reading sports YA books at the moment. I bought Leverage about two weeks ago and decided that I should start reading it because I missed reading sports YA books. Leverage did not let me down [...]

Sports fiction will always have a special place in my heart because it combines two of my favorite things: sports and well fiction (okay, shut up).I grew up with Dan Gutman and Mike Lupica, but I think Leverage was probably my first venture into older teen sports fiction, and definitely my first one about football (which, might I add, is my all-time favorite spectator sport). I know by the blurb, it sounds like another Friday Night Lights, another head-butting, sweat-packed story about the stren [...]

Kurt Brodsky is recruited as a junior to attend Oregrove High School by Coach Briggs, who hungers for a state football championship. Kurt has grown up in foster care and has had some very bad experiences in his life, not the least of which is molestation by adults. In fact, at his last group home, Mr. Sandborn, aka “Crud Bucket”, was especially horrendous and evil in his abuse, killing Kurt’s friend, Lamar. Kurt escapes from his problems by lifting weights and becoming stronger, with reven [...]

I honestly don't know where to start. I'm struggling to figure out how to review or even rate this book. The first thing I should probably say is that I've never read a book like Leverage before. I've never read a book that has caused me to physically recoil, frantically trying to erase graphic images out of my mind. Reading a book like Leverage is challenging, like taking a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the face without flinching or gasping for air. But the problem is, you can't. Your throat [...]

I'm not normally into sports novels, but I have to admit my curiosity was piqued when I overheard another librarian describing Leverage as one of the most brutal YA reads they had experienced. I've always had an affinity for courageous YA books that tread disturbing little-plumbed territory, and I was proud to see that not only does this book belong in that fine category, but that it's also an excellent read.Like most good sports fiction, this isn't really a novel about sports---it's more about [...]

Leverage is one of the books that once you start reading, you can not stop and when you are finished, the book and the books characters stay with you. You will find yourself wanting to share the book with others. You will find yourself screaming at the unjust situations the characters had to endure to finally find salvation, hope and courage.However, this is not a book to share with everyone. The scenes described in the book are raw and very Intense. This is not a book that I would recommend for [...]

4 1/2 starsLeverage is a story told in 2 different POV's by two boys on the opposite spectrum of the high school popularity chain. Kurt comes from a troubled past but becomes the star football player, Danny is a small fraile gymnaist who keeps to himself. Both boys witness a big prank-gone-wrong bullying scene and they try to bury it within themselves so they also don't get tormented. This is a story of bullying to extremes and the way football is played up in some high schools, I could totally [...]

A nice book, with an interesting and complex plot. From the start, Cohen was able to capture my attention, and it stayed like this throughout. There were plenty of highs and lows throughout the book, and I enjoyed seeing the resilience of the characters that he was able to create. The book taught me a lot about fighting for what you believe in. At the start, Kurt and Danny let themselves be hurt, but as time went on, they realized that they best way to fight back was not with their fists, but wi [...]

Leverage was all right. There are definite gold nuggets within this book that I loved, but weighed down with those nuggets are not just plot holes but reality holes. I will explain what I mean in my actual review, which you will find after this warning**Major Spoiler Alert** **Major Spoiler Alert** **Major Spoiler Alert****This entire review is a SPOILER. If you don't want to know the plot of the story, don't read this, just know that I thought Leverage was okay, but it's not something that I'd [...]

Reseña completa: LeverageEste libro fue tan ¿extraño? En ciertos momentos me encantaba, pero después lo odiaba, y así estuve a lo largo de todo el libro. Lo tuve que abandonar en contadas ocasiones porque no era capaz de seguir leyendo.

The Short Version:Gritty, intense and emotional, Leverage is a striking blend of friendship, bullying, and coming of age. With two stunningly well developed male protagonists and a setting that is easy for any reader to relate to and understand, there are some poignant and gutting truths presented throughout, both blatantly and subtly. Though upper YA in content and language, and holding some scenes that are hard to stomach, Leverage holds nothing back when it comes to realism and impact.The Ext [...]

(My reviews are intended for my own info as a language arts teacher: they serve as notes and reflections for teaching and recommending to students. Therefore, spoilers may be present but will be hidden.)SUMMARY: Whew is this book intense! My apologies if this review is less than coherent; there was a lot going on in Leverage, and I'm still mulling over much of it.Joshua C. Cohen's novel is told in first person point of view from two different, alternating perspectives. First there is Danny. Dann [...]

Kelly GarwoodCohen, J. (2011). Leverage. New York, NY: Dutton Books.Genre: SportsAward(s): N/AFormat: bookSelection process: Nilsen, A. P. (Ed.). (2013). Literature for today’s young adults. Boston, MA: Pearson (p. 242).Review: Danny Meehan is a high school gymnast, excelling in the high-bar. He is small in size, sticks with his gymnast teammates for friends, and hopes to earn a full-ride sports scholarship to a college. Kurt Brodsky is a transfer student from a rough school, being recruited f [...]

Danny is small, but powerful. His diminutive size may keep others in the high school hierarchy from taking him seriously, but in the gymnastics world Danny is well on his way to the top. As a sophomore, he already has his eye on championships and a full-ride scholarship. Danny trains at school, during the off season, and at every optional Saturday practice. What Danny lacks in size he makes up for in will power and dedication.Kurt is a giant. As a fullback on the football team, he is the not-so- [...]

This is one REALLY intense book. Like, for reals intense. I had to actually put it down several times because I just needed a breather from it all. Cohen pulls no punches in this 400+ page novel. It's realistic, raw, heartbreaking as well as uplifting (well, in the end), and insanely intense. If you know me at all, I am not a football fan. Yeah, I have teams I root for (Redskins and Steelers) but that's only based on familial loyalty (Mom is from Pittsburgh) or geographical proximity (I grew up [...]

Title Thoughts: I like it.Cover Thoughts: Love, love, LOVE. The veins popping out the of arm to the fist to RAGE in red. It's definitely an attention getter and I love it. There is another cover here and I think it really fits the book as well, but I'm already in love with this one.WARNINGS: Some parts are difficult to read.Woah. This book's amazing, scary, heart breaking, and intense. It was even worse that it reminded me of my own school, where the people live for Friday night football games. [...]

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