Kiss Kiss

Roald Dahl

Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss

  • Title: Kiss Kiss
  • Author: Roald Dahl
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback

ISBN 13 9780140018325Contents The Landlady 1959 A shortstory William and Mary 1960 A novelette The Way Up to Heaven 1954 A shortstory Parson s Pleasure 1958 A novelette Mrs Bixby and the Colonel s Coat 1959 A shortstory Royal Jelly 1959 A novelette Georgy Porgy 1959 A novelette Genesis and Catastrophe 1959 A shortstory variant of A Fine SISBN 13 9780140018325Contents The Landlady 1959 A shortstory William and Mary 1960 A novelette The Way Up to Heaven 1954 A shortstory Parson s Pleasure 1958 A novelette Mrs Bixby and the Colonel s Coat 1959 A shortstory Royal Jelly 1959 A novelette Georgy Porgy 1959 A novelette Genesis and Catastrophe 1959 A shortstory variant of A Fine Son Edward the Conqueror 1953 A shortstory Pig 1959 A shortstory The Champion of the World 1959 A novelette

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Finally, a short-story collection by Dahl that didn't send me running for the hillsTo put this into context, I've already read The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More & Switch Bitch and both were disturbing and misogynistic. Kiss Kiss was marginally better. Without further ado, here is Dahl's most macabre collection of short stories:The Landlady - A young man excitedly moves to a new city for his job. He finds a lovely little bed and breakfast run by a dotty old woman who dabbles in [...]

Looking for some deviously funny cautionary tales riddled with delightfully diabolical twists?Well, here be eleven goodies to amuse and entertain you.You will learn to beware of old ladies bearing tea, to be kind to your wife or she will totally screw up your afterlife, to never bilk idiots and that meat really is murder. Dahl is a superb writer. I had no idea where some of these stories were going until the last paragraph. With others, I predicted the ending, but read eagerly to find out if I w [...]

I don't remember exactly when I encountered Roald Dahl - perhaps in my pre-teens. But I sure remember I did not encounter him in any story "appropriate" for children. "The Veld" (not included here) and "Pig" (included) are two stories I remember vividly from those days - both delightfully creepy, yet weirder than the standard fare you get from horror-story writers.This delightful little collection contains creepy gems such as "The Landlady", "Pig", "Georgy Porgy" and "Royal Jelly"; "William and [...]

Human nature's dark side is not pretty. Lies, greed, violent impulses… In this collection of short stories, Roald Dahl tells us how the world sometimes exacts delicious revenge on people in the most grotesque ways…I only knew Dahl through his children's books, "The Witches" being one of my own childhood favorites. My colleague Caroline adores his short stories and she kindly lent me her copy of "Kiss Kiss", that I devoured over a few lunch breaks. The dark humour, acid tongue and unsettling [...]

Though this books of Dahl's short stories is missing some of my favorites (like the one about the eavesdropping card-playing couples and the one with the frozen leg of lamb), it has many of Dahl's best. From a father who feeds his baby enormous quantities of royal jelly, to a nervous hyper-punctual housewife who exacts a seemingly innocent revenge on her passive aggressive husband, these stories are twisted, surprising and never overdone. The stories have just the sort of Professor Plum, crackli [...]

ACTUAL RATING: 3.5 STARSRoahl Dahl always manages to impress me (in a good way). I read this during my english course (still studying english-spanish translation) and even though I recognize that he is an excellent author, I'm growing slightly tired of him. I read lots of his books during Middle School so please understand. I loved each plot twist that he made; each story ends completely different from what I was thinking (which is perfect cuz not all books have that). I read and analyzed this a [...]

Roald Dahl is, needless to say, best known as the author of books for children. This collection of short stories is easy on the whizzpopping, frumpets, and strawbunkies, but his subtly sinister grown-up world is equally enthralling.The beauty of Dahl's short stories is his innate talent for saying the most when he says nothing at all. Massive chunks of story line are told through every ellipsis, of which there are many. Rather than telling you exactly what is happening, Dahl creates the setting, [...]

Funny. Dark. Brilliant. An incredibly fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I hadn't read any of the author's work until now, and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. Although the book is easy to read, it remains fresh and unpredictable. When the reader may start to expect the unexpected, Dahl finds a way to surprise them, either by means of a twist or by adding some macabre detail that leaves them feeling uneasy but strangely satisfied.-----Gracioso. Oscuro. Genial. Una lectura increíblemente [...]

I had higer hopes for this book As i really enjoyed Dahls Switch Bitch which is another one of his books written for an older audience. Im sad to Say it really didnt work for mé. I think out of the shortstories in this book i only really liked "the landlady" and " pig". There was Nothing in particular Wrong with the stories they just werent anything special.

So far, so good. Definitely not your conventional love stories-I'm on the third or fourth short story and at least four people have died so far. I feel like he has a lot to say about gender and power dynamics in marriage, but I think a lot of these marriages presented are more reflective of the times, when a wife was more of a housekeeper than a lover to the husband, and so it is only natural that she relishes in manipulating men when given the chance. I'll write more when I'm feeling more eloqu [...]

There's a quiet zaniness that runs through the lot of these stories. Most of them are crisp, surprising and smoothly written at every turn. Dahl-licious one might say.The Landlady>>"There is nothing more tantalizing than a thing which lingers just outside the borders of one's memory."A teenage boy finds himself assigned to Bath and decided to check into a Bed & Breakfast where he was welcomed by a nice (even if slightly dotty) old woman. He starts to wonder why no one else has come and [...]

Rating: 2.5/5This is my first 'adult' Roald Dahl, I've never read any of his books of short stories. My faves were Parson's Pleasure and Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat. Some of the stories I didn't like, and one I just didn't get the ending, but some were quite amusing. I also liked how it kept you guessing til the end (well, for me anyway)

I got this book at a thrift store for a quarter. Love the quirky and imaginative stories in this book. I especially like this particular edition because on the back cover jacket is a picture of him and Patricia Neal, a native Tennessean! What a beauty she was! I love her in "The Day the Earth Stood Still."

I call this quite an asset in my bookcases because of the edition as well as the short stories written by Roald Dahl. I have read a few of these short stories while studying English literature, I had not guessed that I would ever get my hands on the original book but here I have it. I'm really glad about it. I don't have the need to judge them all seperately, maybe at some point I will but right now I don't feel like it. Because of the two/three I knew I don't feel like it. Since I knew them I h [...]

A hugely enjoyable selection of short stories.Like most people I have read several (and when I say several I mean a lot) of Roald Dahl's books for younger readers and remember thoroughly enjoying them. I also remember back in my high school days reading "The Landlady" from this selection and thoroughly enjoying it so it was with great excitement that I got stuck into this collection. There is a large variety in the type of story here (with a general theme of some sort of twist in each story), wi [...]

Dark, macabre and incredibly funny. I knew some of Dahl's children's books, but had never read any of his other work, so "Kiss Kiss" was a great surprise. I loved everything about the stories, but especially the black zany humour that Dahl so perfectly masters. A great collection, and I will definitely go back for more.

I don't often like short stories because I feel like I never get to care for the characters or what happens, but these stories aren't meant for one to care, they're funny and mysterious and awesome. Each and every one seems normal up to a point when everything changes and they're suddenly not. Wonderfully creative and entertaining, Dahl doesn't disappoint in this one.

looks like the last story is an early version ofdanny the champion of the world

I'd read these before, a long time ago, but they were all brilliant short stories to read again. Dahl was a legend.

Loved the short stories! Roald Dahl swept me off my feet with his sinister, creepy, twisted stories.

When I was in elementary school, Roald Dahl was ubiquitous. This was largely in the late 1980s. I'm not sure how it is nowadays, but back then it seemed like all the teachers were trying to get us to read his stuff. Normally for a kid this would be anathema ("if adults like it and want me to read it, it must be awful boring shite!). But you know, it was impossible not to love crazy rides like The Twits, George's Marvelous medicine (whose moral seems to be a subversive "adults have to get high so [...]

some of them where really good (william and mary and the landlady) but others i didn't find as intriguing.

This is collection of some of Roald Dahl's short stories I bought several years ago while visiting a friend in Switzerland but never managed to complete. The back states:"ELEVEN DEVIOUS, SHOCKING STORIES FROM THE MASTER OF THE UNPREDICTABLEWhat could go wrong when a wife pawns the mink coat that her lover gave her as a parting gift? What happens when a priceless piece of furniture is the subject of a deceitful bargain? Can a wronged woman take revenge on her dead husband?In these dark, dangerous [...]

Full review at The Pluviophile Reader: wp/p3VFNP-233/5 stars.ebook, 240 pages.Read from December 09 to 16, 2013.Even as an adult this man's writing continues to captivate me. However, with this adult collaboration Dahl has emphasised the disturbing in a less than friendly fashion by having the central theme of these stories be completely about how awful adults are to each other. So take the quirkiness of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the despicable characters in The Twits and then mash t [...]

Wow.This book was a complete surprise for me. I didn't know Dahl writes adult books too. And he does a damn good job of that too.This collection of short stories was great. They are twisted and dark. I liked them very much. (view spoiler)[I love the twist of the endings of some of these short stories. The Way Up to Heaven was great in this sort. And the ending of Parson's Pleasure was truly painful. It shows how talented Roald Dahl really is. There were stories that you could predict the ending [...]

Kas te teadsite, et Alfred Hitchcocki poolt kuulsaks filmitud ja hiljem Quentin Tarantino poolt filmis “Neli tuba” lausa kultuslikuks põlistatud lugu mehest, kes välgumihkli süttimise ja sõrmede maharaiumise peale kihla veab, on kirjutanud tuntud lastekirjanik Roald Dahl?Jah. Kuigi Eesti lugejale on Roald Dahl senini olnud kindlasti rohkem tuntud kui suurepärane lastekirjanik, on tõeliselt tänuväärne, et nüüd on lugejani jõudnud ka esimene valimik Dahli täiskasvanutele kirjutatu [...]

Kiss Kiss is a collection of short stories. Roald Dahl actually wrote quite a lot of them, although they tend to be overshadowed by his children’s novels. I am one of the biggest Dahl fans there is, the man was one of the best children’s writers the world has ever seen. The only thing I’ve read by him (apart from his entire catalogue of children’s books) is his autobiography, Boy and Going Solo, both of which I absolutely loved.I bought this a couple of years ago, and I’m not sure why, [...]

While browsing Gecko Books in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I stumbled upon Kiss Kiss by one of my very favorite authors. I had never seen a short story collection catering to adults by Roald Dahl before and so knew I had to have it for my personal collection, regardless if I didn't end up enjoying it. When writing short stories, it's imperative to read short stories, especially by writers I admire. Immediately upon starting it, I could already see Mr. Dahl's personal style come through in the way he de [...]

I really enjoyed this collection of stories. I had read some of Dahl's work, but only the children's stories in elementary and/or middle school. I was completely unaware that he had written adult fiction until I stumbled upon his name on the reading list at the end of Stephen King's Danse Macabre.Most of the stories in Kiss Kiss read like modern day fables. There are characters behaving badly that receive a punishment uniquely suited to their crime. (view spoiler)[The antique dealer who swindles [...]

I had recently heard about adult stories writted by Dahl and was intrigued because I rather love his children's books. I was not disappointed! My library only had this option, a collection of short stories, so I chose it and set it down. I had just started another book "Girl with a Pearl Earring," and felt I should finish it first. This little book, though, kept calling me! So I set the other book aside and basically ate this book. I don't think it took me five days to read it. I carried it ever [...]

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