My Dog Thinks I'm A Genius

Harriet Ziefert Barroux

My Dog Thinks I'm A Genius

My Dog Thinks I'm A Genius

  • Title: My Dog Thinks I'm A Genius
  • Author: Harriet Ziefert Barroux
  • ISBN: 9781609050597
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover

Louie loves watching his young master paint, and when the boy puts his finishing touches on a particularly good self portrait, Louie barks enthusiastically One day, when the boy is at school, Louie tries his own paw at painting a still life Is this purely an accident, or is Louie a genius, just like his master

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Themes: Dog/Pet/Drawing/PaintingThis is a little long for storytime, but it would work for older toddlers."I am an artist. I need to paint every day. But I'm not the only one in my family who has talent. The inspired tale of a boy, his dog, and a set of paints, told by the genius team of Harriet Ziefert and Barroux." - inside left jacket flap

My appreciation for the story grew after reading the tribute to the inspiration.

A lovely book illustrated by Barroux about inspiration, art, and companionship. A young boy loves to paint everyday and has since he was five years old. Working on his latest painting, with help from his best friend and dog Louie, the boy puts the final touches on by adding Louie to the painting. In excitement Louie runs around the room barking, wagging, and kissing the boy. The boy titles his painting "My Dog Thinks I'm A Genius." One day when the boy returns from school he does not see Louie i [...]

I am a huge proponent of books that both teach and entertain - and My Dog Thinks I'm a Genius does just that. With the decrease in art education, children are not provided as many opportunities to be exposed to masters and the joy that can be had in art. The illustrations are lovely, bright splashes of color that bring a walk through a modern art museum feel.The inclusion of the Cezanne and the use of similar tones and colors throughout the story, as well as a short biography of the painter are [...]

I have always been a fan of Harriet Ziefert's writing. Her picture books are classics in my opinion. 'My Dog Thinks I'm a Genius' will be a classic too. When a little boy goes off to school, his best friend, his dog, Louie, is sad and a little angry that his boy has to leave him.Well, Louie gave his boy tips on the boy's artistry and was really wanting to give more when the boy had to go to school. The boy feels bad about leaving his beloved Louie but is in for a surprise when he gets home.I lov [...]

My five-year-old son picked this book out from the library this week. He thinks that his dog thinks he's a genius. The book is very good, although not quite perfect. I love the concept: a boy, his dog, and artwork, but the pivot point is a little weak, so it actually feels like two shorter stories put together. I have no complaints about the artwork those. It is absolutely wonderful, and I would love to live in a house where I was surrounded by that artwork. Actual rating: 3.5 stars, but I round [...]

A boy loves to paint. He paints for years and years with his dog watching him. One day, he paints a picture of a building with his dog at the bottom of it. The dog loves it so much that the boy calls the painting, "My Dog Thinks I'm a Genius." When he comes back from school the next day, he sees that his dog has created his own painting. It is magnificent! The boy calls it, "My Dog is a Genius."Good for preschool storytimes.

Not quite the story I expected from such a great title, but not bad. I love the relationship between the boy and his dog. I think it ironic to read this (with the dog and the art studio) while I'm in the middle of "A Long, Long Sleep" which has a similar experience, though a different outcome. I think the dog is adorable.

Pictures are fun and the illustrator's inspiration came from Paul Cezanne's "Still Life with Fruit Basket". The story focuses on a boy who likes to paint while his dog watches. When the boy has to go to school, the dog gets lonely and decides to entertain himself in the boys studio. The boy gets quite the surprise when he comes home. Easy text to read.

Cute book. Of course it's cute. It has Louie the dog who watches his boy (the narrator) create watercolor art and then comments. While our narrator is away at school Louie tries his hand (paws) at painting and it turns out there is more than one genius in the house. Nice artwork.

An eight-year-old boy and his dog work together to create a painting. When the boy leaves his dog home alone, Louie gets into the paints and creates a masterful work of art. A fun and surprising ending! And as someone who grew up with dachshunds, I loved the boy's efforts to draw his dog.

Louie admires his master's paintings. One day while the master is away Louie decides to try his own hand at painting.Even though we gain perspective from watching others, our own ideas of something may be larger than life.

A boy and his dog, Louie, share a passion, painting. One day that passion explodes across the pages of the book; readers and the boy are pleasantly surprised. I love this book.Read my full review at:bit/x8LTpd

I really love how simple and beautiful this book is-simple stories for older kids are sparse these days. This one is perfect for preschoolers (and for older kids to read on their own), with the number of words usually found in a toddler book.

A boy (and a dog) who excel in artistic abilities. Loved the relationship between the boy and the dog, and I loved the twist in the plot at the end. Several pages leave room for guessing and talking about 'what will happen next?' I loved the paint style illustration.

Very nice book, and easy for toddlers to relate to. I liked it, an my 4 yr old did as well.


Great book about a young boy and his dog and their art. Fun illustrations by Barroux! A wonderful story!

art color, dogs

This is a clever tale of an artistic boy and his artistic dog. I think this would be fun to share with kindergarten students.

excellent! funny and sweet. and you even learn a little bit about Cezanne at the end.

and the moral of the story is, don't leave your paints out with your dog in the room. Or he may paint a better painting than you.

Non-rhyming Pencil & paint

A visual masterpiece and an "inspired tale," for sure!

The illustrations are gorgeous and bold.

all the more reason to get another dog least someone will think i am a geniusis was a heart warmer.

so cute!

Harriet Ziefert's wonderful words and Barroux's gorgeous illustrations. Awesome.

Very sweet illustration style.I love that the inspiration for the story was a real piece of art entitled "My Dog Thinks I'm a Genius"

This is a fun book. What happens when you leave your dog home alone while you are off to school???oh the fun Louis will have!!! Loved the illustrations -- super cute story!

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