Bad Signs

R.J. Ellory

Bad Signs

Bad Signs

  • Title: Bad Signs
  • Author: R.J. Ellory
  • ISBN: 9781409104766
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover

Orphaned by an act of senseless violence that took their mother from them, half brothers Clarence Luckman and Elliott Danziger have been raised in state institutions, unaware of any world outside But their lives take a sudden turn when they are seized as hostages by a convicted killer en route to death row.Earl Sheridan is a psychopath of the worst kind, but he has the poOrphaned by an act of senseless violence that took their mother from them, half brothers Clarence Luckman and Elliott Danziger have been raised in state institutions, unaware of any world outside But their lives take a sudden turn when they are seized as hostages by a convicted killer en route to death row.Earl Sheridan is a psychopath of the worst kind, but he has the potential to change the boys lives for ever As the trio set off on a frenetic escape from the law through California and Texas, the two brothers must come to terms with the ever growing tide of violence that follows in their wake something that forces them to make a choice about their lives, and their relationship to one another.Will the boys manage to elude the dark star that has hung over them since their mother s death or will they succumb to the pull of Earl Sheridan s terrifying but exhilarating vision of the world

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Als je van boeken houdt die je ziel op velerlei verschillende manieren weten te raken, dan heb je met ‘Bekraste Zielen’ van R.J. Ellory goud in handen. De auteur heeft een verhaal weten neer te zetten dat je haast met ingehouden adem leest. Ellory heeft een hele eigen manier van schrijven ontwikkeld waardoor zijn boeken lastig in een bepaalde categorie in te delen zijn. Zelf duidt hij zijn boeken graag aan als ‘slow motion thrillers’, en beter kan hij de spijker niet op zijn kop slaan. O [...]

Every once in a while a book comes along that you know, without question, you will never forget. Beautifully written, incredibly descriptive and you actually feel like you are watching a film; this is one such book. It's simply breathtaking. I actually cried so hard at the end; I felt like I was mourning a loved one; I had come to love and care for most of the characters that much. This is an incredibly violent and gruesome story of a serial killer and it's very disturbing but the violence and c [...]

Every now and then, along comes one of those books. The sort that makes you look at people who make statements like "I NEVER read genre fiction" with just that little bit of sadness for what they are missing. That's not to say that BAD SIGNS is the sort of book that everyone is going to enjoy, but for any readers looking for something that will really make you think, take you into some very uncomfortable places, and be profoundly challenged, then it will be an outstanding book.Strange as it may [...]

Tremendous book. Had all the usual attributes that I like in RJ Ellory books - the clever way that two stories come together as one; the references to true life events; the way that emotions/feelings are described which so brilliantly describe how the characters are thinking and make them seem so real; and the twist in the ending.But this one was different from the others and more ambitious and risky - it was told from the perspective of the criminals rather than from that of the good guys that [...]

My other half put me onto this book, as he so often does. We both usually enjoy the same authors.This book had me hanging on each character's story as the author rotates their experiences chapter by chapter. You really want to know where each cliff hanger leads! The violence is described in enough detail without being gratuitous & leaves your imagination processing the rest. All together an enjoyable read with some lovely twists that keep you guessing.

Heel sterk verhaal, gruwelijk mooi. Meeslepend geschreven, heel filmisch ook. Een boek dat je met spijt weglegt als je moet stoppen met lezen en waarbij je op het einde het boek sluit en zo eventjes dromerig in de verte kijkt en nog nageniet.

Bad Signs is set in the 1960s, in Texas in the USA and takes place during one week - only seven days, but an exhausting seven days, for the characters and for the reader. Elliot and Clarence are two half-brothers, better known as Digger and Clay, they were orphaned at an early age and have spent their time in 'juvy'. Life has not been good for them - were they born under a 'bad sign', will the dark star that has followed them through life always make life this bad? It certainly seems that way wh [...]

‘Eldorado. Where kids have moms and dads.’When Clarence Luckman’s father kills their mother, Clarence and his half-brother Elliott Danziger , spend their childhood in various state institutions. By the time they are teenagers, housed in a juvenile detention facility, Clarence (known as Clay) and Elliott (known as Digger) are well acquainted with violence and the darker side of life in institutions. And things are about to get a whole lot worse when they are taken hostage by Earl Sheridan. [...]

R.J. Ellory weet uitstekend te verwoorden wat er in de halfbroers Digger en Clay omgaat. Digger is hard, kil, licht beïnvloedbaar en instabiel, Clay is de softie met een degelijk karakter. De jongens slaan totaal verschillende wegen in, de lezer volgt hen op de voet. Daarnaast speelt de verhaallijn van het politieonderzoek naar een reeks van geweldsmisdrijven. Het spreekt vanzelf dat de diverse lijnen elkaar op zeker moment kruisen. ‘Bekraste zielen’ is geschreven in een stijl die doet denk [...]

Clarence Luckman and Elliott Danziger are orphaned half-brothers that started life rough, two teenagers who know little about the world except the unpleasant state institutions in which they grew up. Their lives change forever when they are taken as hostages by a convicted killer on his way to death row. Ellory's novel is a brilliant thriller that keeps you reading as you feel for his characters in the midst of desperation on the highways and small towns of south-west United States in the mid-19 [...]

Waaaaauw!Bekraste zielen is een zeer innemend en beklijvend boek dat hoofdzakelijk gaat over de levens van de twee halfbroers Clay en Elliot.Reeds op jonge leeftijd krijgt hun leven plots een andere wending wanneer hun moeder komt te sterven.Vanop dat moment lijken ze voor het ongeluk geboren. Aanvankelijk worden ze ondergebracht in een weeshuis, maar door het ondeugend gedrag van Elliot worden ze overgeplaatst naar de jeugdgevangenis.Wanneer ze ook nog gegijzeld worden door een voortvluchtende [...]

An unforgettable thriller. Perhaps the best one, in this genre, I have ever read. It's a hell (of a) ride. The tension is practically unbearable and despite the gruesome murders, there is so much tenderness to be found. Excellent!quotes:The most dangerous thing about Earl Sheridan was his confidence. Confidence was nothing more than certainty. Confidence was simply saying something you believed in. Trouble was that those with impressionable minds took certainty and self-belief as truth.Ever atte [...]

I wasn't expecting much from this book after reading the synopsis but, boy, was I wrong! It is one of the best books I have ever read - and that is many. It is beautifully written and Ellory does a wonderful job in exploring the nature of human beings and how growing up and the building of character can go tragically wrong in an instant and with the added ingredients of further adversity can create a human monster, on one hand, and a caring good person on the other; in fact, mirror image persona [...]

Een heel mooi geschreven boek. Grondig uitgewerkte hoofdpersonages.De eerste twintig bladzijden vond ik aanvankelijk maar niets, maar toen het verhaal echt goed op gang kwam, zag ik ook het nut van de beginfase in.Wat me gestoord heeft, is dat de personages bijna constant ronddwalen en af en toe halt houden om te eten. Een gegeven dat iets te vaak herhaald wordt.Vanaf de helft van het boek zag ik ook al hoe het verhaal zou aflopen, waardoor de spanning grotendeels wegviel

Ik ben inmiddels halverwege het boek . Het is spannend vanaf de eerste blz. Veel karakters die allemaal ieder op een eigen een bijdrage leveren aan dit verhaal. Als je begint in dit boek wil je weten waar het verhaal naar toe gaa en welke wendingen het aanneemt. Top tot nu toe.

Wow, wow, wow. J'ai retrouvé dans "Mauvaise étoile" tout ce que j'avais aimé dans "Seul le silence" : un jeune homme résolument combattif, qui se débat à travers les mauvais sorts que la vie lui réserve. Il y a de meilleurs départs dans la vie que d'assister au meurtre de sa mère par son second mari, mais c'est pourtant ce qui arrive à Elliott Danziger et Clarence Luckman. Leur vie se résumera ensuite à l'orphelinat et aux maisons de correction, jusqu'à ce qu'un condamné à mort s' [...]

I was so disappointed with this. I've read seven other Ellory books, and this is the only one I haven't liked. The plot was driven so much by coincidence, with such stereotypes, that I just couldn't enjoy it. A main character that seems to change with no reason to do so, and a plot that depends mainly on taking for granted that a criminal is telling the truth to the cops don't make this as compelling as it could and should have been.

Loving getting through these books, my author of the moment. Would make a great movie. Unputdownable, with good solid plot and the best and worst of human nature explored. I was peeking through my fingers at some points, well, squinting my eyes a bit dreading what the baddies were going to do to their victims. Great read. Onto the next!

love these kinds of stories, it reads like a thriller, a road movie, a coming of age and love story all in one. Yes it gets more brutal and brutal along the story and you sometimes wonder how can a young guy like that turn into a monster in such short notice but it didn't bother me at all.Cannot wait till the moment they make a movie out of it

Terrific book Didn't want to put it down. Probably the best R.J. Ellory novel I've read so far.Very clever plot with extremely descriptive writing which keeps up a speed of light plot. Thoroughly recommend this book.

Just brilliant

Thank heavens for the persistent Detective Cassidy.

Un roman d'une noirceur absolue. On est beaucoup plus proche d'un Jack Ketchum que d'un thriller traditionnel. Pour son neuvième livre publié, Ellory s'est surpassé.

Had er meer van verwacht dan hopen beestachtige moorden.

Deux jeunes enfants, devenus ados, malmenés très tôt par la vie. Orphelins, ils seront envoyés dans un orphelinat, si je peux appeler cet endroit comme ça, mais plutôt une maison de redressement, où ils tenteront de survivre. Leur chemin croisera celui d’un homme, violent, accusé de meurtre, qui avait été condamné à mourir par pendaison. Pris comme otages, les caractères vont se révéler. S’adjoindra Bailey dans leur périple d’une huitaine de jours.Retrouver un auteur que l [...]

Bad Signs is a terrific interpretation of the American 'killer on the loose' road movie, set in an expertly realised, rolling landscape of wide horizons and hidden, intimate horrors. Each sleepy small town presents itself to the travellers as the superficial embodiment of the American dream; each conceals the potential for brutality, hopelessness and despair. If that sounds too grim for you then fear not; RJ Ellory is an optimist at heart, it seems, and throughout his tapestry of anger, abandonm [...]

Clarence Luckman (Clay)en Elliot Danzinger (Digger)zijn halfbroers. Ze hebben dezelfde moeder maar verschillende vaders. Nadat Clarence's vader de moeder met een honkbalknuppel heeft doodgeslagen, worden de jongens, die dan vijf en zes jaar oud zijn, ondergebracht in verschillende instituten voor jeugdzorg en uiteindelijk komen ze terecht in een jeugdgevangenis. Ze verschillen nogal van elkaar, Digger is degene die problemen oplost met vechten terwijl Clay een rustige jongen is die de dingen die [...]

Déjà conquise par les précédents romans d’Ellory, sa réputation de sale bonhomme ne m’a pas coupé l’envie de le lire. Certes, je le boycotte lors de salons et de dédicaces, mais je n’arrêterai pas de le lire sous prétexte que c’est un scientologue et qu’il a craché anonymement sur ses collègues. C’est vilain et c’est pas beau, mais cela ne remet pas en cause son talent d’écrivain.Je suis encore sous le choc de ce roman aussi intense que noir. Il va m’être diffici [...]

The thing that I loved about this book is how the author carefully built each character and events so that they somehow cross paths along the way. Like how the problem was with the two brothers having the same eyes, for example. Overall, this is a brutal and violent book. A lot of swearing, which might actually be entertaining (not that I can ever even imagine myself, or anyone, swearing as much as these characters did) for the sarcastic minded but might be too much for the faint at heart. The t [...]

Het verhaal speelt zich af in U.S.A in de jaren '50.Vanaf de eerste bladzijden neemt Ellory je mee op de reis die twee half-broers maken. Het is al snel duidelijk dat de twee half-broers, het milieu waarin ze geboren zijn, niet zullen ontstijgen.Het ongeluk treft hen, keer op keer.In de jaren '50 is het verschil tussen rijk en arm duidelijk aanwezig en dit is van grote invloed op het leven van de hoofdpersonen.Al heel snel, zie je waarom voor “Bekraste Zielen” als titel gekozen is. Allebei d [...]

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